The world is facing threat from COVID-19 pandemic. and affected by natural disasters, as well as climate change, which increasing the disasters and impacting the losses of lives and personal properties. These are the signs: that the earth is collapsing faster than we thought. Therefore, it is imperative to promote "environmental education and disaster prevention knowledge" for all. This event is promoted by the Tzu Chi Foundation,  partner with the PaGamO online learning platform. We hope that, through this fun event, which is integrated into e-sports games, combine with online and offline, interactive learning and practice, everyone can comprehensively strengthen his/her environmental literacy and enhance his/her awareness of disaster prevention. as well as the values on environmental protection and disaster prevention.   
 Application Submission Schedule: 
August 30, 2021 (Monday) to October 28, 2021(Thursday) 23:59pm (EST). No application will be accepted after the deadline!  
Anyone who is interested at environment protection and disaster prevention, is able to apply. This is an individual scoring game; the winners are ranked by their own individual cumulative scores .
How to Apply: 
1. Please go to Tzu Chi x PaGamO Environmental Education E-sports World Cup Website (https://www.esportsopen.pagamo.org/2021tzuchi-ep-worldcup) select “Canada”, will direct to PaGamO event website to sign up. You need to log in or register an account to fill out personal information to complete. 
2. After completing, please log on to PaGamO website to ensure you are successfully registered. If there is any issue, please contact customer service.
  International Online Preliminaries: 
The website will be opened on 11/26/2021 (Friday) 12:00 noon (EST), and CLOSED at 18:00pm (EST) 11/29/2021(Monday)
  The global finals are currently tentatively scheduled on March 27 (Sun), 2022. Further notice will be announced.
For questions, please contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2021 Tzu Chi x PaGamO Environmental Education E-sports WORLD CUP_Canada Region Event Guide (PDF)

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