Toronto Tzu Chi volunteers have been working with a local NGO that supports the homeless for the past 15 years providing hot meals. With concerns about the coronavirus and pneumonia, they have suspended food service and provided warm clothing and medicine to ensure the health and safety of the
2019 慈濟多倫多大藏經 Tzu Chi Toronto Year In Review 記載著過去一年來慈濟多倫多支會志工們的愛心與足跡,感恩會員大德與志工們無私的付出與護持,讓愛傳出去。
2019 慈濟北多倫多大藏經 Tzu Chi North Toronto Year In Review
Tzu Chi Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine was invited for the second time to join the Lunar
There are confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Canada now. Therefore, Tzu Chi Academy taught
Canada's North Toronto region recently hosted a year-end blessing ceremony. Although the day of the
Over 100 Tzu Chi volunteers returned to Taiwan from Canada, and had a wonderful talk with Dharma

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