International Relief


“The Bodhisattvas help all those who suffer.” Tzu Chi’s mission is to help all those in need of aid. Wherever suffering emerges, Tzu Chivolunteers will quickly arrive on scene to provide effective monitoring and relief to victims regardless of race, color, language, or religion.

Tzu Chi Foundation relies on the principle of "self-reliance and utilizing local resources" in its 372 branches located in 47 countries, spanning over five continents in the world. The braches work concurrently with the Taiwan Headquarter in charitable efforts, such as long-term care household distribution; home care; visits to orphanages, nursing homes, home for the mentally and physically disabled, and AIDS shelters; and fast, efficient emergency relief for various natural disasters.

In 1991, Tzu Chi Foundation offered aid to the flooding victims in Bangladesh and opened the doors to its effort in overseas disaster relief. So far, Tzu Chi has assisted more than 70 countries, including Haiti, Philippines, China, Mongolia, Nepal, Cambodia, North Korea, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Turkey, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Papua New Guinea, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador and other countries.

Tzu Chi Foundation follows the guidelines of "directness, focus, respect, pragmatism, gratitude, and timeliness," in providing the affected countries with aid. It not only provides food, clothing, and medicines for emergency assistance, but also aids in housing reconstruction, development of water resources, and free clinics. Each project might be different, but the philosophy of "respect for life" remains the same.