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Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation, Canada (also known "Tzu Chi Canada" for short) is founded by its CEO, Mr. Gary Ho, in 1992 under the inspiration of Dharma Master Cheng Yen to inaugurate Tzu Chi’s good works in Canada.  From the national head office in Vancouver, BC, Tzu Chi Foundation Canada’s regular donors and volunteers have expanded their unconditional love and contributions across the nation through the missions of charity, medicine, education, culture, international relief, and environmental care.  Currently, Tzu Chi Canada has over 40,000 regular donors and over 2200 volunteers with 9 offices coast to coast including Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Calgary, Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Montreal, and Ottawa.
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In the past 22 years, volunteers of Tzu Chi Foundation Canada have brought the essence of Buddhism into practice by delivering charitable and humanitarian services to 81 distinct projects.  By cooperating with local community organizations and service facilities, such as the Food Bank, Salvation Army, senior residences, shelters, and Emergent Social Service programs, Tzu Chi volunteers have been dedicated to the constant and active service for seniors and other people with disadvantages.  In British Columbia alone an average of 108 Tzu Chi volunteers provide services every single day.
In addition, by donating to hospital fundraising projects, bursary programs and breakfast programs in school districts, Tzu Chi Foundation Canada brings support to hospital patients and underprivileged students.  Protecting our Mother Earth, Tzu Chi volunteers in local communities across Canada have applied the core value of universal compassion to all living beings by acting as “green ambassadors” helping with recycling, site clean-up, and advocating environmentally-friendly initiatives.
Impressed by the constant and dedicated involvement in the community events and services, Tzu Chi volunteers have been recognized by local governments in Canada as responsible and compassionate citizens throughout the country.