Master Cheng Yen's Jing Si Aphorisms


"Following and applying the teachings of Buddha in our daily lives and transforming ourselves into living Bodhisattvas” is the goal that Master Cheng Yen has ardently, and without reservation, pursued for more than four decades. How can one combine the Buddha’s teachings and life lessons? How can one make the Bodhisattva path the spiritual goal of present day people? Master Cheng Yen accomplishes these goals by translating the essence of the Buddha’s teachings into simple and easy to understand language and uses everyday events to exemplify life lessons. Her exquisite words and caring thoughts inspire wisdom and provide direction amidst delusional thinking.

Master Cheng Yen’s Jing Si Aphorisms books transcend racial and religious barriers. They promote heart-to-heart dialogues. Through the efforts of Tzu Chi volunteers, they have reached schools, businesses, government agencies, armed barracks, stores and every corner of communities. They have become learning material for students’ moral education, running brooks that cleanse the minds of the business world, and the inspiration for self-examination and reflection for all human beings.

Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s Jing Si Aphorisms, Volume 1 was first published in 1989. Over 3.5 million copies have since been printed in 11 languages, including traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, English, Spanish, French and German. In addition, Jing Si Aphorisms have been published via different media such as in Jing Si books for children, Jing Si cartoons, bookmarks, small decorative items, and cards.

The Tzu Chi volunteers in Taipei first introduced Jing Si Aphorisms to the community in 2007 by promoting the “Good Words of Jing Si Aphorisms for the Entire Street” event. They created Jing Si Aphorisms posters for display at local businesses and stores and regularly replaced them with new ones. By so doing, the volunteers delivered the message of love and goodness to the public.

Master Cheng Yen stressed that spreading good words to the entire street is excellent behavior. Every step taken by the Tzu Chi volunteers to encourage benevolent thoughts leaves imprints in people’s hearts. Master Cheng Yen recognized that it was the devotion, dedication and determination of these Bodhisattvas that enables the spread of the spirit of goodness in the community.
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