Be a Well-rounded Person


“Be well-rounded in character;” “Be well-rounded when dealing with things;” and “Be well-rounded in principles” are prerequisites that Dharma Master Cheng Yen asks of all Tzu Chi members when dealing with the public.

Beware that the path of service is no bed of roses. Once you have decided to serve mankind, you will encounter personnel problems. In order to be well rounded you must be able to get along well with others. 

Master Cheng Yen said that when confronted with interpersonal conflicts, one has to transcend spiritually while engaging in the mundane activities. Only by doing so would we be able to live our lives without being weighed down by unnecessary worries. Without this other-worldly spirit, our minds would be easily polluted. An “Other-worldly spirit” is the state of non-contentiousness with people over matters and towards the world. We should treat interpersonal conflicts and difficult situations as opportunities that benefit our spiritual developments. Master Cheng Yen also said “If a task is not difficult, we do not handle it; let others take over. What we want to handle are problems that others find too difficult, are unwilling to take on, or unable to resolve. Therefore, we should bravely take on challenges and face difficult tasks.”  Having a “non-contentious” mindset when dealing with people and handling situations will allow us to avoid unnecessary discord and problems. Communication, understanding and discussion help resolve disagreements and reach a consensus.  Master Cheng Yen’s expectations can be sum up in one word: “Harmony.” Where there is harmony, there are successes and achievements.

 “Harmony is greatly prized” is the cornerstone of the Tzu Chi Missions. The key to group harmony is whether everyone follows Tzu Chi’s humanity. Simply, Tzu Chi’s humanity is “great love & gratefulness.” That is, when one gives their great love, both the giver and receiver will feel grateful. Humanity is not a slogan. It is an expression that can be felt as well as seen by others. In Tzu Chi’s community, people care for, encourage and spur-on each other . This is Tzu Chi’s humanity. Lacking this spirit, there will be criticism and gossip, resulting in a tense work atmosphere where people can not be at peace.

Although the Tzu Chi Foundation is a big organization, it is not a complicated entity.  It is “simple, natural and has great love and gratitude.” Tzu Chi’s members express their natural love simply. When they are giving love, their hearts are also filled with gratitude. This love is like water: clear and untainted. When you embrace Tzu Chi’s great love, you will give without expecting returns. Only then would you be able to love people equally with no discrimination.
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