Tzu Chi Foundation Canada launched a Disaster Relief Program for Philippines Typhoon “Goni”

On November 1 Typhoon " Goni", hit southern Luzon Island in the Philippines with a maximum sustained wind speed of 225 kilometers, at least 20 people were killed, and more than 55,000 houses were destroyed. Estimated economic loss, approximately $369 million USD ($1 Billion. TWD).


Goni is the strongest typhoon that hit the Philippines this year. Many houses and telephone poles were blown away. The strong wind caused floods and landslides. Southern Luzon was hit especially hard. Many houses were buried by the landslides. 


Tzu Chi Philippines branch rushed to the disaster area and started the relief work immediately.  On November 3rd, Master Cheng Yen rallied global Tzu Chi volunteers to appeal  the importance of International disaster relief to the public. Any amount of donation will help the cause, Even $1 will help... By combining all the love contributions, it will become an enormous force of Great Love to help the victims to pull through.

Designated Account for International Disaster Relief Fundraising

Account No.: 96970-004-9697-5214963

Account Name: B.C.R.T.C.F.C.
Bank: TD Canada Trust

Donation on line:

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